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Historically black churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington

[Washington Window] “The life of a congregation grows out if its foundation,” said the Rev. Carleton Hayden to a group of about 50 breakfasting in Calvary, D.C.’s parish hall on a recent Saturday. “So it’s important to understand when a…
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Bishop-in-Madras describes the power of Christ’s message to India’s ‘untouchables’


[Washington Window] The Right Rev. V. Devasahayam, Bishop-in-Madras of the Church of South India, knows how it hurts to be excluded. Born into the Dalit, or “untouchable,” community – those who fall outside the Hindu caste system – he has…
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Civil Rights leader John Lewis kicks off Racial Justice Week

[Washington Window] Forty years after his tragic death, the unmistakable cadence of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice sounded again in Washington National Cathedral. More than 1,600 people gathered on March 30 for the opening event of Racial…
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Pennies from heaven: Silver Spring thrift shop faces trying times


[Washington Window] The door of the Pennyworth Thrift Shop in Silver Spring jingles as the afternoon’s first customer, an old lady in a leopard print coat, enters and makes a beeline for the blouses. “White tags are half price today!”…
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Faith leaders, musicians ‘Pray for Peace’

[Washington Window] There aren’t many places where Tibetan monks and Indian chiefs mingle, where Sunni and Shia imams sit side by side and listen respectfully to Jewish rabbis, where prayers are offered in Xhosa and Algonquin, where rock stars and…
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