Sudanese diaspora, religious leaders share stories of hope

[Episcopal News Service] When Manyok Khoc, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, arrived in Ethiopia as a 13-year-old refugee he was barefoot and illiterate, speaking only his native language of Dinka. Now a 36-year-old U.S. citizen, he stands in…
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Historically black churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington

[Washington Window] “The life of a congregation grows out if its foundation,” said the Rev. Carleton Hayden to a group of about 50 breakfasting in Calvary, D.C.’s parish hall on a recent Saturday. “So it’s important to understand when a…
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Pennies from heaven: Silver Spring thrift shop faces trying times

[Washington Window] The door of the Pennyworth Thrift Shop in Silver Spring jingles as the afternoon’s first customer, an old lady in a leopard print coat, enters and makes a beeline for the blouses. “White tags are half price today!”…
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