Visitors to Honduras experience an awakening

An Episcopal Church in Honduras.

[Washington Window] Considering the Diocese of Washington’s companion relationship with the Diocese of Honduras, it’s easy to see it in terms of giving and getting, of having and having not. But to look at the 19-year partnership through that lens…
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Grassroots group lobbies for DC jail population cap

Members of the Coalition for Justice at the D.C. Jail march from St. John's, Lafayette Square to the Mayor’s office to demand that the District abide by the Jail Improvement Act of 2003 on Oct. 4, 2005.

[Washington Window] On Dec. 11, 2002, while awaiting trial at the D.C. Jail, Givon Pendleton was stabbed nine times in the dining room of the Southeast 1 cellblock and bled to death on the floor. Pendleton, whose trial was to…
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St. Barnabas’, Temple Hills invites its neighbors over for fun and stories

[Washington Window] Once upon a time, there was a church named St. Barnabas’ in Temple Hills, Md. It was a happy place, surrounded by green grass and cherry trees, and the parishioners wanted to share their church with their neighbors….
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Tale of two cemeteries: Rock Creek and Congressional, D.C.

Mausolems, like these at Rock Creek Cemetery, were used by wealthy families in the 1800s. [Photo by Lucy Chumbley]

[Washington Window] The Diocese of Washington’s churches have always dealt with death: providing parishioners with services, solace and in many cases, a final resting place. While many churches concentrate on serving their own members, the two largest Episcopal graveyards in…
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Faith in the Shenandoah Valley: shades of diversity

[Northern Virginia Daily] It’s not easy to be different, especially when it comes to religion. Yet different denominations, religions and styles of worship abound in the Northern Shenandoah Valley – and always have. “Tolerance really only has meaning … when…
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