Historically black churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington

[Washington Window] “The life of a congregation grows out if its foundation,” said the Rev. Carleton Hayden to a group of about 50 breakfasting in Calvary, D.C.’s parish hall on a recent Saturday. “So it’s important to understand when a…
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Civil Rights leader John Lewis kicks off Racial Justice Week

[Washington Window] Forty years after his tragic death, the unmistakable cadence of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice sounded again in Washington National Cathedral. More than 1,600 people gathered on March 30 for the opening event of Racial…
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Bethesda congregation seeks interfaith reconciliation

[Washington Window] How do you respect another’s religious beliefs without betraying your own? It’s a difficult question, and one that is increasingly compelling as religious fundamentalism fans the flames of war the world over. In search of improved interfaith relationships…
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Tale of two cemeteries: Rock Creek and Congressional, D.C.

Mausolems, like these at Rock Creek Cemetery, were used by wealthy families in the 1800s. [Photo by Lucy Chumbley]

[Washington Window] The Diocese of Washington’s churches have always dealt with death: providing parishioners with services, solace and in many cases, a final resting place. While many churches concentrate on serving their own members, the two largest Episcopal graveyards in…
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