In Palestine, a summer spent on childhood’s frontier

[Christian Science Monitor] Remember when we had to get up to change the TV channel? Talk to our friends on a rotary phone? Go to a real library? Cook using an actual oven? Remember when we stayed out playing until dark, and didn’t come home until we heard the dinner bell?

It’s natural to romanticize the “dinner bell days.” But while life is quite different today (Internet, microwaves, smart phones, etc.) – and in many ways, better – perhaps the most telling piece of longing in these electronic odes to a bygone era is the memory of the freedom of childhood….

Last summer, I spent two months in the West Bank with my 5-year-old son. We rented an apartment in Ramallah and watched from our window as the neighborhood children came out to play in the cool of the late afternoon and evening.

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First appeared in Christian Science Monitor, June 2011 as

In Palestine, a summer spent on childhood’s frontier

A visit to Ramallah in Palestine’s West Bank invites questions about what we may have lost in our quest for child safety.